Walkers Only Club - The Guide

As many of you know I am a walker of the golf course. I am a strong advocate for for walking and all that, for me, it brings into the game of golf. But this is all well known and documented on my Instagram

I get asked A LOT about what bags is right or how many clubs, what speaker or no speaker, what shoes. How can I walk when my course is designed for carts. So I figured I'd start a little series about the ins and outs of walking. 

Let's start with the bag...

Aside from footwear the bag is the most important piece in your arsenal as a golfer who walks. Any old bag will do if you slap it on the back of a cart. For a walker though the bag can break you or make you. How's the strap? The weight? The hang? The pockets? All of it matters.

The most overlooked part of the bag is the design and style hands down. Majority of golf bags are not for me. Maybe if I was a college kid as a walk up on the golf team playing 5th man but I am an aging Father of two that grips desperately to what is left of my coolness. I don't want it emblazoned with logos and buzzwords about the tech on the bag. I want something that can tastefully standout. Something that shows off either craftsmanship, style or both while being light, bomb proof and comfortable. 



The Fescue Project 

Hand crafted by Seamus Golf is a bag for true minimalists.  

The Fescue bags are made in Portland by hand and to order. Much like everything else Seamus does this has been thought out and tested to get it right. My favorite feature is the way the bag lays flat against the body versus a traditional circular opening. This allows the simple design to shine and the clubs to rest in a more natural vertical position. With this design they have not tried to reinvent the wheel just strip the bag down to what you need and make it really damn well. While they call them Sunday bags I've stuck the max club quota in there with no issues at all. Play a Sunday set, half set or full bag and these bags will keep up. 

Waxed canvas, veg tanned leather, brass rivets and reinforced stitching stand out along side the nuances of a handmade bag. A bungee system allows for the storage of a jacket while a large bottom pouch lets you stash tees, balls, libations and whatever else you need. This bag has one zippered pocket, one stash pocket, one scorecard pocket and a bungee cord and it has never been to little for me. I have taken this bag across Ireland, Wisconsin, California and countless other places and its stood the test. Shit it's gotten better with age. The leather darkened, the creases in the waxed canvas formed and the miles on the bag shine like tattoos. 


Check out the Seamus Fescue Bags jump to the link HERE to learn more. Or as always give me a shout. 



Mackenzie Walker

Timeless style and premium products result in the OG

For many the Mackenzie Original Walkers are the definitive walking bag. The silhouette is synonymous with this brand of golf. Their waxed canvas bags feature a 8" opening which easily houses a full set. White only bringing two pockets I can tell you these pockets are more than enough space for what you need. If it cannot fit in the Mac - you do not need it. Little feature like clips for you keys and leather zipper pulls are what set this bag apart from most. The details are so well thought out and stripped down to the necessities. 

As a photographer I always have a camera if not two and I can easily stash them in my Mac with balls, pouches and whatever else I need. But my all time favorite feature is the shoulder strap. It's the softest and best looking in the game and the way the bag rests makes for easy walking. At only 3.5LBS this thing is lighter than most burritos I order. A Mackenzie is an investment that improves overtime its a bag that builds character the more you loop it. 

Head over to Mackenzie to learn more. https://www.mackenziegolfbags.com/



Jones Golf Bags

The everyman bag

What makes the Jones Bags so perfect is the affordability and simplicity. At $140 the Original Jones mixes that retro styling with updated materials. The result is a tank of a bag but clocking in at 3 lbs. This was my first true carry bag and it checked all the boxes at the time. Water resistant nylon keeps the dew out while the injection molded base stands up to the beat down I impose on my bags. 

While the Jones doesn't have the flair of the Seamus or Mackenzie it surely is worth the money. A true value and the gateway drug into Walking ONLY.  

Why no stand bags? 

Well they add weight and frankly I am not a fan of the look to be honest. And I am fine laying my bag down or resting it against a tree, bench or sign. But all of that said sometime you just want or need some legs... enter the Trestle Sticks. These lovely legs are hand made by Tim Alpaugh AKA Claret Dreamer. He can be reached on his Instagram @ClaretDreamer or via email at Claretdreamer@gmail.com.