2019 Workshops

By popular demand I’m hosting a few small workshops in 2019. These events will mix in good golf and learning more about photography, editing and presentation. The classroom environment will be focused on applying those principles to that day’s golf. At the end of each day we will review, critique and discuss what we saw and learned and ask questions - ask a lot of them.

We are looking for to host 2-3 events this year. East Coast, West Coast and potentially a third. The workshops will be likely 2 days at really awesome golf courses that will allow us to play golf and learn in the field. Note - class sizes will be very small.

Topics will include:

  • Preparation

  • Gear

  • Photographic fundamentals

    • Exposure

    • Composition

    • Etc

  • Shooting On Course

  • Workflow

  • Editing

  • Group Reviews & Discussions

If you are interested in learning more about photography and how to take better photos not only on course but in your daily lives then sign up below to get on the waitlist for more details.

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